Your job can take a lot away from you: time, energy and sometimes, your inner rockstar. It loves to put you in a box and stick a label you: too shy, too bold, too girly. And this forces us to conform and become just another suit.

This does not have to be so.

What you wear, can make you fall in love with yourself for who you are, and be yourself no matter what. Rub your personality in their faces!

Because there are some days when just being another suit in an office can get to you. And you just do not feel like putting in the effort on your outfit. Rolling out with bed-head and a hoodie seems like the way to go.

But these are the days that you need to put in the effort. Don’t step in looking (or feeling) drab, because when you get up on the wrong side of the bed, odds are you’re going to stay on the wrong side of the day throughout.

Taking charge and wearing an outfit you feel good in however, could just turn things around.

  1. Get that spring in your step

Wear a pair of bold flats with your favourite white or black shirt. Beat those Monday morning blues with a little red, or own those blues with an electric blue instead.

Spring formal

  1. Flirt with the world

Add a hint of frills or flowers to your corporate look. Stick it whatever it is that could be getting you down – the status quo, a mean boss, anything. Sneak in something fun.

Flirt with the world

  1. Wear a dress, man

Nothing looks better than a dress feels. Wearing a dress, blazer and a pair of heels can make you feel more comfortable in your skin than the suit that the other drones are in.

Wear a dress, man

  1. Make monochrome your own

Give them their black, white and grey in the form of retro stripes, polka dots and zebra prints. Take charge of the day and let it know you’re going to be doing things your way.

Make monochrome your own

  1. Rebel and rage

Wear the suit that they want you to wear. . . but with ripped jeans, bold prints and colours. Appropriate enough for work and appropriately you.

Rebel and rage


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