Why pumps ought to be your best friend this monsoon

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She’s getting ready to step out for the evening. There’s a play at Prithvi she’s been dying to catch, and now that it’s the weekend, she can go watch it the way she always does.

Cutting chai and a book, followed by theatre, followed by Maaza, a pav and Instagram.

It’s a balmy evening, and she settles for an ikat halter top and tights. Hair pulled up and cros-body satchel to say: “When I mean theatre, I mean business! The business of Instagram-ing to my 400-something avid followers!”

She steps out to catch a rickshaw. An empty rickshaw whizzes past her despite her bellowing out “RICKshaww!”, but the heavens respond with a rumble and a grunt, and four drops of water splatter down on her from above.

“Dammit…”, she rushes back in, and loses her thin kohlapuris for rubber slippers.

Now why would you do that?

What happened to meaning business? And to the carefully crafted look of nonchalance you’d worked at for the last 15 minutes?

We at INTOTO have a strong belief. You don’t need dowdy slippers. EVER. And not even during the monsoon (unless you have to wade through water, in which case, EMBRACE the slippers, or better yet, gum boots!)

But we digress. There is a reason why we dislike slippers for the monsoon. (although we actually love them for the beach.)

And that’s the back splash.

Even though you try and step around the puddles and onto land that’s merely moist, with slippers, you’re not just ruining your look but the clothes you’ve worn, with the muck you kick up.

Which is why we suggest heels, and a different ending to our story.

“Dammit…”, she rushes back in, and loses her thin kohlapuris for a pair of pumps.

Her legs which were 35 inches long, extended to the length of what seemed like a mile.

Her stance shifted to one of someone who really meant business. “I think I’ll review the play on my blog today” she thinks.

She steps out to hail a rickshaw, sees one slowing down and walks purposefully towards it, and…

…no back splash!

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