The trick to wearing hats

Hats, caps, beanies and berets look great and can help you create an uber-chic look that’s flawless, literally from head to toe. Unfortunately it’s easy to go wrong with hats. However, there are two simple rules to getting it right. Just remember that: 1) Hats are sort of like sunglasses. There’s a good chance you’d look more than a little obnoxious when you wear it indoors. And 2) It’s all about what you wear it with while making it look effortless. Try too hard, and you might risk creating a look that’s too costume-y.

Here’s how you can rock your hats:

  1. The Baseball Cap

These can be worn on a hike or a run, with your work-out wear. But are a great addition to your wardrobe, if you like to work the athleisure look from day to day as well. Invest in a cool leather finish black cap or a fun fluorescent one to finish the look.

The Baseball Cap_INTOTOThe Baseball Cap_INTOTO

  1. The Fedora

The fedora looks chic when paired with slick straight silhouettes and can also add a touch of drama when worn with feminine skirts and dresses. Just make sure you never cross over to the wild west when you’re mixing it up.

Fedora INTOTO hats

  1. The Beanie

A beanie can be your buddy while practising that headstand or that headspin. On a more practical note, they can also be your best friend in the cold. Welcome the winters with warm woolly beanies to go with your knits.

Beanie hats Beanie hats intoto

  1. The Beret

A beret can look exceptionally adorable or exceptionally costume-y. Fight the temptation to match it with stripes and nautical colours, and shoot for an effortlessly stylish look by matching its curved silhouette with sharp lines.

Beret Hats INTOTO Beret

  1. The Wide-brim Hat

It’s the perfect hat for a summer getaway. It’s the perfect hat to add a touch of mystery to your look. Pair a super-wide floppy one with a summer dress. Or a straight sharp one to go with your winter-look.

Wide-brim Hat INTOTO Wide-brim Hat


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