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We all have that pretty pair of gold sandals tucked away in our closets for the occasional wedding or festival. Something to go with the sari or the lehenga. And as time goes by, old friends marry and new friends get engaged, we trade in said gold pair for newer shoes. Cooler shoes. Shoes that are a bit more us, as we grow younger, funner, more us.

This festive season and/or wedding season, we’re suggesting a revamp. Trade in those sandals for a slick pair of glittery golden pumps instead. Because yes, they’ll go great with Indian wear but they go fabulously with Western wear too.

And like we always say, great shoes are shoes that keep giving you reasons to wear them.

  1. Wear it with the LBD

Glam up your style on your night-out by pairing your gold shoes with a Little Black Dress and bold gold accessories. Find a black dress with gold detailing on it, and you’re still golden.

LBD Lil Black Dress_INTOTOSequinned shoes LBD Lil Black Dress_INTOTO LBD Lil Black Dress_INTOTOSequinned shoes_Sequinned shoes

  1. Wear it with the LWD

We love Carrie Bradshaw’s day look, where she paired her gold heels with a white dress, glam gold reflective shades and a little gold clutch. So chic. So effortless.

LWD_Sequinned heels_White Dress
LWD_Sequinned heels_White Dress

  1. Wear it with the LSD

You could pair that gorgeous printed satin dress with a pair of nude heels. But why go nude when you can go for the gold instead? Your glittery gold heels will help elevate the look of your shiny new dress.

LSD_Satin dress_INTOTO sequinned LSD_Satin dress_INTOTO sequinned



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