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Every girl has that corner in her closet that’s peppered with polka dots. And whether it’s a top a bag or a bow, there’s something about them that makes us feel instantly pretty and perfect. And keeps going back to it every now and then, no matter the time of the day or the year, no matter what era it is.

But while polka dots look pretty, can we make them look cool, interesting and a little bit out there?

Because pairing that polka dot top with jeans and flats is great. And pairing that polka dot bow band with a fitted shirt is nice too.

But can we give polka dots a real edge?

We Can do it_INTOTO

We’ve curated a few interesting looks that are chic, yet have tons and tons of character.

So take a look and see how you can put together your polka dot pieces. And put together outfits that show off your pretty polka side as well as the nuances of your personality.

Connect the dots!

  1. Shock the dots

Match your black and white polka dots, by colour blocking with a bold or shocking colour.

Shock the dots Shock the dots

  1. Bomber like a bomb

Pair your dainty polka dots with a funky bomber jacket.

Bomber like a bomb_POLKA Bomber like a bomb_POLKA

  1. Get behind the bars

You don’t have to mix them with solid colours alone. Mix your polka dots with stripes.

Get behind the bars_Polka Get behind the bars_Polka

  1. Go wild, dotty!

Pair it with a wild floral skirt or a pair of ripped jeans and animal print pumps.

Go wild, dotty!_Polka Dots _INTOTO Go wild, dotty!_Polka Dots _INTOTO

  1. Make an understatement

Polka dots can also be embroidered on lace or chiffon, so it contrasts with just the subtle colour of your skin showing through.

Make an understatement_Polka Make an understatement_Polka

  1. Box it in

Your dainty polka dots are begging to be matched with structured checks and squares.

Box it in_with polka_INTOTOsBox it in_with polka_INTOTOs Box it in_with polka_INTOTOs

  1. Introduce polka to polka

Match your polka dot top with a polka pant in reverse colours or a just an accessory with larger dots.

Introduce polka to polkaIntroduce polka to polka

  1. Keep it casual

Pair a dressy polka dot piece with something casual, everyday and cool.

Keep it casual with Polka INTOTOKeep it casual with Polka INTOTO

  1. Mix polka with pearl

Pearls look great with polka dots. Pair it with an interesting ensemble à la Taylor or mix things up with square polka dots instead.

Mix polka with pearl Mix polka with pearl

  1. Go OTT

Play up just how adorable yet cool you are with an OTT bow, or a tulle skirt and a pair of cool sunnies.

Go OTT Polka Go OTT Polka


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