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INTOTO Flat shoes for first date and red carpet

@classicalcinema on twitter on flat shoes at cannesRule no. 1 on how to dress for a first date is: feel good, but feel comfortable. You want to feel pretty and feel comfortable in your skin, and flats like ballet flats do just that. They make your feet look dainty, and super feminine, and you can pair them with almost anything: dresses, skinnies, leggings, high-waist shorts…ANYTHING.
Which makes them the perfect shoes for first dates (and red carpets), we’d think! *wink wink*
During the recent #HeelGate uproar at the Cannes, it was, as Emily Blunt said “very disappointing, obviously”, to see women not be allowed entry to a premier for wearing flats.

Now, we love heels just as much as the next guy/girl, but here are our top three reasons why we love flats:
So pretty! They come in wild colours and fun patterns, and it’s easy to invest in the more zany looking flats, because you can always find an occasion for them.
So comfy! Heels with good arch support are comfortable yes, but even JLo would agree that it’s easier to bust the more crazy hip-hop moves in flats. So for those of us who aren’t JLo, flats can be our best friends, when working it on the dance floor.
Definitely stylish! We foresee a movement, where making a statement is about wearing flats on the red carpet and sticking it to traditions that dictate conformity.

So make ‘em fall flat girls. Wear what you want.
Wear what lets you be you!

Featured image via @classicalcinema on twitter

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