Ten hacks we love using to keep our clothes, shoes and bags in shape!


Ten hacks we love using to keep our clothes, shoes and bags in shape!

  1. Remove scratches on leather with moisturizer

Fix that scratch by buffing it out with a touch of moisturizer on a Q-tip.

  1. White vinegar keeps blue jeans blue

Add ½ a cup of white vinegar while washing blue jeans to keep them from fading.

  1. Baby powder removes oil stains from your purse

Coat a generous amount of baby powder on that oil stain, and let it sit over night.

  1. Vodka and water to fight odour

Remove dank odours from clothes by spritzing it with some vodka and water.

  1. Stale bread for suede shoes

Rub stains off your suede shoes with the crust of a stale bread and watch it disappear.

  1. Hairspray for tights

Spray your tights with hairspray to prevent runs.

  1. Lemon-y freshness fights sweat stains.

Spray some lemon juice over the sweat stains on your whites before putting it in the wash.

  1. White wine beats red wine

It’s not just a preference, it’s a mantra! Remove red wine stains with white wine.

  1. Iron that button-up inside out

Go over the fabric the buttons are stitched on with ease, by turning the shirt inside out.

  1. Glass cleaner shines patent shoes

Use a glass cleaner to restore shine to your patent leather shoes and bags.

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