zodiac colour mantra


The colours that represent love, energy, purity – pink and red are your lucky colours in 2019. Keeping in mind your bold and ambitious nature, you can easily include these in your outfits to attract some extra luck.


It is believed that emerald green will bring a positive change in your life throughout this year.  Since it’s a rather vibrant colour, we suggest you include it in your daily life through accessories or stationery.


This year is going to bring in some great news for you if you try and derive inspiration from the colour blue.  Specific shades like cyan and light turquoise will help keep you calm and help you get the best out of each activity.


Associating with the colour red is going to bring a positive change in both your life and career this year.  Try to avoid green and orange as these could push away any luck that is knocking on your door.


2019 is your year to flaunt bright colours. This is a great year to get a hold of all the bright outfits you’ve had your eyes on to attract luck and good fortune.


The colours violet, wine red, purple and magenta will act like hidden good luck charms for you throughout this year.  Try to include them in your daily life as they could make your everyday mood more optimistic and positive.


The colours navy blue, sea green, pink, and maroon could bring luck to a Libra in 2019. We suggest you take your chances and carry these colours everywhere you go using coloured earphones, phone covers or wallets to get the good luck flowing.


Black is expected to  be lucky for the scorpio. The colour represents strength, seriousness, and power which you could get plenty of this year when around this colour.  Buying a pair of basic black sandals or shoes for everyday could prove to be a great investment this year.


Neon colours are your lucky charms this year. Since the Sagittarius are always on the quest of knowledge, it would help to include these colours with your gadgets. Red could also do wonders in terms of your love life.


The lucky colours for a capricorn are light blue and sea green for 2019.  Keeping in mind your laid back nature, include these colours in your look with everyday clothing or stationery.  Another colour that could prove lucky for you is white. Wearing a white shirt will probably be a great idea on important days.


For the air sign, Aquarius orange is believed to be their lucky colour this year. In addition to being a lucky charm, it could also help you achieve balance in your life. We suggest you take your chances and include it in your daily life with artwork or decorative frames to get the magic started.


The colours yellow and green are expected to bring you luck and work in favour of your personal and professional growth.  You should avoid the colours grey and brown as they may have a negative impact on your day.

The amount of options we have has increased immensely in the last few years. Which only makes it easy to include our lucky colours in our daily life. Though we know horoscopes are not a hundred percent true but sometimes they might just work out. So go ahead and make a few horoscopes based colour choices this year.  Who knows, you could be the one that it works out for!

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