Rock the tee shirt look with INTOTO

No matter how old we grow, no matter the nature of our predominantly corporate lifestyle, there’s something about the tee that leaves us wanting more. We tell ourselves that we can never have too many tees. That they’re a wardrobe staple. “Maybe for when I work out?” But we always have more tees than we need.

We think they’re a great go to item too you know. But remember, one cool tee doth not maketh a cool look.

To really make use of all those tees and wear them with some style, follow our five golden rules on how to wear them:

  1. Throw on a jacket

Jacket with a Tee

Ever heard of the three piece outfit rule? It’s a rule which postulates that simply adding an extra item to your look – one extra item of clothing – can make for a cool look. It’s what the stylists follow. And what we all should too.

  1. Tuck it in

Tuck in Tee Shirt

Whether it’s a fitted tee or a boxy one, tuck it in, show off those curves. You’re not the boy next door, you’re the girl next door. Who has a tonne of style and attitude to boot. Work it.

  1. Avoid the jean

Skirt with a tee shirt not Jeans

Muscle memory dictates that you grab a tee and a pair of jeans with no thought what so ever. Do not listen to it. Wear anything but those jeans. Try a skirt, a skort, a short. Try staying away from the obvious.

  1. Mix in some plaid

Plaid shirt over a tee shirt

Don’t have a jacket? T-shirt too short to tuck in? Simply don’t WANT to wear a skirt. Throw on a layer in the form of any plaid shirt you may have lying about. You’re welcome!

  1. Max out the look

Accessorise the tee shirt

So you really just want to wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and not have anything to do with the world’s judgy looks when your style is tom-boyish, and we have to just deal with it. Well then, take it to the max, add some cool kicks, a cap, sunglasses and a cross-body bag.

Featured images via whowhatwear, LauraKensil, LaceandLocks, DeathByElocution, DailyMail

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