Heel Shoe tip

It can literally be quite a pain to wear heels on a night out. You want to dance, kick them up, spin, twirl, go wild! Until, that is, your feet start screaming in pain, demanding you stop, stop stop. Leaving you wimpering and hobbling about. In pain.

But there is a little secret to avoiding the pain.

Of course there are the basics:

  1. Break in the shoes first
  2. Make sure it supports your arch
  3. Use gel insoles
  4. Maybe just opt for wedges?

But one little trick is to tape your third and fourth toes (counting your big toe as the first).

There’s a little science behind the reason why:

There’s a nerve in our feet that splits between those two toes, which causes pain when there’s too much pressure applied on it (i.e., when you wear the heels).

And the tape helps remove the strain on the nerve, allowing you to dance, prance and take on the night.

So the next time you’re stepping out, do the needful. Grab some micropore tape or scotch tape, and tape those toes together!

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