Here’s celebrating some of the special things we’ve enjoyed with our friends before we hit puberty and registered societal norms.

We hope these remind you of a friend you’ve had good times with.

So here it goes,

Bunking lectures

We’ve all skipped a lecture to spend time with a friend instead. Worst case scenario our parents found out. No actual harm was done.


But…while adulting…just try bunking . The next thing you know your lifestyle takes a plunge!

Abnormally lengthy phone calls

We could call up our friends any day of the year for any trivial reason and still be entertained. We sometimes even completed homework while talking to each other.


When you start working, most calls are limited to errands in the adult world. We also have to worry about paying our own phone bill and losing track of time while on the phone is next to impossible.

Barter deals

During our childhood, we arranged barter deals when we wanted something a friend had. If anything happened to one item, we followed the principle of ‘Tit for Tat’. There were no grudges or bad feelings developed over materialistic possessions.


Most adults are afraid of being judged and thus never think of borrowing anything. It’s about purchasing and owning.

Pool time

Swimming with friends involved hours of wasting time at the pool.

We were particularly proud of our ability to do perfect water handstands and showed off every time a new member joined our pool squad!


Adults swim to burn calories. Pool time with friends is not even a thing anymore unless it’s a pool party and you’ve just got to be bikini ready and make a fashion statement.

As adults, we are lost in the chaos of running our lives. We seldom reminisce about the good times we’ve shared with our early friends.

This Friendship’s Day, brighten someones day by reminding them about the beautiful bond you shared and maybe just for a day, try to re-live those days again.

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