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It was the 1940s in Italy. The country was experiencing a trade close and steel was no longer available. It was a time when women wore chic high heels, and footwear designer Salvatore Ferragamo was in a spot. The patented high heels he had designed so passionately in the 1920s with its metal shank for support, could not be made anymore.

1040s wedges INTOTO

He was not going to let down his patrons obviously. Neither in terms of style, nor supply. And so he worked with cork, creating the wedges we flaunt today on summer days where comfort is important (but not as important as style).

Marylin Wedge INTOTO

We fast forward to around 75 years later, and they’re still amazing. They are the perfect way to gain some height, heel and style without toppling over. They are comfortable, modest yet fun, giving us a great excuse to wear heels during the day.

Today we wear them because we love them. We want them. And not because we need them.

They can make you feel dressed up even when you’re dressed down. They’ve literally wedged themselves in our hearts.



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