The Basics

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We all know that girl. She’s got a new outfit ready every time she goes out. It’s almost like she never repeats the same piece of clothing twice…almost.

Now notice how that crisp white shirt she’s wearing today, with her stone-washed jeans, nude pumps and red scarf, was worn with stark white skinnies, the same nude pumps and a red lip, just last week…

She is the mistress of deception. The muse of style.

She is the girl everyone wants to be and can be, but just don’t know yet.

She is not the spoilt brat who can afford to have a closet like Carrie Bradshaw’s.

She is…the frugal shopper.

She starts with the basics. For example, let’s narrow down on the basics from the two looks we described before:

  1. The crisp white shirt.
  2. The nude pumps.
  3. A teeny pop of colour.

These items alone can lend themselves to myriad looks to keep your style fresh.

White shirt. A bottle green high waist a-line skirt. Nude pumps. Nude lips.

Red lip. Red dress. Nude pumps. Nude clutch.

Khakhis. Nude pumps. White shirt. Gold aviators.

Now how do you get a hold of these pieces? You cannot skimp on the basics and classics. They have to be perfect…but we’re not asking you to stick to just the ALDO, the Zara and the MAC…(unless they’re on discount. The frugal shopper owns some of the best brands, but at half off.)


  1. Stalk these pieces till you find a sale and only then drop the cash.
  2. Find similar pieces by more affordable brands that get it right.
  3. Scour the streets for those discrete platform store owners with the discerning eye. You keep your eyes peeled, and you’ll find your new favourite shirt for within 500 bucks.

It’s really as simple as that. When you are equipped with knowledge that high fashion does not have to be high-priced.

Because like we said, it all starts with the basics.


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