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Note: This post is not so much about shopping cheap but about willpower and a dedication to maintenance.

The thing with buying statement pieces is that you just won’t get to wear them much, and if they’re not of the best quality, they disintegrate, peel, tear and oxidize. The aim should therefore be to get enough wears out of them.

Here’s how you do it:


If they stay in your cupboard for way too long, they crumble, and the soles come off just when you’ve finally had the chance to wear them outside.

The trick? Do not buy them unless you can think of at least 5 different looks for the shoes. There is not much point in buying them, if you just have just that one black dress in mind.


Shop with the outfits you have in your wardrobe and not in your mind.

And once you buy them, do not leave them lying about. You can never grow out of jewellery or use them too roughly. And getting as many wears out of it as possible depends entirely on maintenance. We all know this, but we’re just too lazy to put them in boxes and cover them in muslin.

It’s almost like we don’t want them to last (perhaps from a deep rooted need to buy more jewellery).


Ah, to be able to layer, no matter what the weather is and to not melt. Unfortunately we just have to deal with the fact that statement coats are best left for people who travel more or live in cold cities. So, if you live on the coast, get a basic coat/blazer that’s light and use statement details like scarves instead.


Scarves are your best friends in changing up your look and with so many ways to wear them the options are endless. And the best part? They’re another accessory you can’t grow out of.

But while we’re all for shopping frugally, make sure to mix better quality scarves with your whites, as you don’t want to come back home and find that it’s bled onto your top.


It will pain you to spend on quality leather statement bags.

So go for cheaper faux leather or printed bags in more durable fabric. However, if it’s faux leather, and you leave it in your cupboard for too long, it will peel. There are ways to putting it off, but stay away from them unless you can see yourself carrying it a lot in the near future.


And finally, as always, look for a discount and make sure you have your basics down.

And to inject some personality, turn to the statement pieces (unless you love an über clean look, then go for it).

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