Save it for the Sale


Okay ladies, how have you been doing with all of those end-of season sales you’ve been waiting for? You’re probably still receiving notifications on more sales in your inboxes and you’re either feeling one, or a mix, of the following emotions:

  1. IGNORE! I do not wish to burn money!
  2. DELETE! I have burnt enough money already!
  3. OPEN! Plastic doesn’t burn easy, baby!

Unless of course, you’re the frugal shopper.

Because the frugal shopper is manoeuvring those e-mails and pop-ups like it’s nobody else’s business but her own. She’s making the most of all the sales and here are her secrets:

  1. She knows what she wants.

Rather than allowing every sale announcement she sees distract her, she already has a list of brands that are her favourites, drawn up neatly in her mind. So when she sees a brand announce its sale, her brains already discarding the irrelevant and making note of the relevant.

  1. She’s done her homework.

She is so prepared for the sale she doesn’t even have to wait for her favourite brand to announce the sale. She knows when it’s going to be on and keeps her schedule clear for it.

  1. She attacks early.

Every end-of-season sale has a start and an end date. But all she cares about is when it begins. Or, even better? When it previews. To her, the end date is for what’s “left-over” because the best spoils are won early in the game.

  1. She is a walking catalogue.

She saunters in like she has no agenda, but she’s done her homework on the brand and is more knowledgeable on their best pieces than the sale staff. So when she enters, she looks for a hint of that print, or that colour or that style and makes a beeline straight toward it. In fact, she’s probably already tried it out so knows what size will work.

  1. She budgets.

You may see her ambling about lazily, sifting through all of the other merchandise, but she also has an iron grip on the best pieces. And it’s not very likely she’s going to add to add to cart. She’s already budgeted for her other favourite brands’ sales, and knows what’s worth her money and what’s not.
So if you’ve still got some budget left in you, you have been armed with the knowledge you need. Go forth and be the frugal shopper.

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