With the rains beating upon us, dark clouds looming ahead everywhere we look, we have one piece of news that is happy: a chance to wear wedges.

If you’re lucky enough to not have to wade through a foot of water to the places you need to go to, there is no reason you have to go for the dowdy at your feet. Wedges with a low-ish heel height are comfortable yet keep your feet elevated from the wet floors. They also keep your feet ventilated so they can dry off a little easier, and you can play with colour, paint your nails, and have some fun.

They’re good-looking, dependable, stylish and fun. Give your legs the length you like, while being comfortable and safe from the puddles.

Besides, they go great with anything: shorts, chinos, skirts, dresses anything. Here are a few looks you can rock with your wedges during the rains.

  1. The Beach Ready

There’s no need to bring out the leggings if it isn’t too cold. Show off those beach legs (instead of covering them with fabric that could get damp), and pull on a jacket for warmth.

The Beach Ready_INTOTO

  1. The Ready-for-Business

Pair your wedges with a non-fuss pair of jeans or trousers that end at the ankle. Throw on a blazer and you’re ready for business.

The Ready-for-Business_INTOTO1Ready for Business_INTOTO

  1. The Ramp Ready

Be ready to rock a cool outfit (and shoes) without ruining your dressy shoes between the cab and the club. Pair those wedges with a dress and bomber jacket.

Ramp Ready_INTOTO


Featured images via, Dailymail, Lookastic, Madisonavespy

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