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It almost sounds like a myth – having a 10 piece wardrobe (and being happy with it). When every time you open your cupboard doors, you’re faced with a wall of clothes and still have nothing to wear.

But that’s exactly what the 10 piece wardrobe helps you with: finding that outfit with ease, and in the process finding your true style. This spring/summer, clean out your closet, and find your style.

Here’s what we’re proposing:

Step 1: Step up to that wardrobe and start piling those clothes that you really love and “just can’t do without”. Be extremely discerning with choosing these. Make sure that they:

  1. Fit perfect
  2. Look great
  3. Look you

Step 2: Once you have this pile, start picking out the non-essentials (sun dresses that aren’t appropriate to the season, special occasion wear that you pull out just for special occasions, etc.) Seal them if possible, with some moth balls, and put them on a separate shelf, out of sight and mind.

Step 3: With this pile of essentials, start narrowing down on those 10 go-to pieces that you find you wear most often and cannot live without. It could include, jeans, slacks, a pair of shorts, a few blouses and dresses.

Step 4: Now what do you do with those extras you love just as much, but just don’t “need” as much? They are  the “non-essential essentials”. You keep them, but you keep them separately. Again comb through them for items you just don’t need, but keep the outerwear, the scarves and printed tees, so you can mix it into your 10-piece wardrobe depending on your needs.

What you arrive at, interestingly, will be unique to you, despite the fact that these are just the basics.

They could be travel-friendly, to suit a jet-setting lifestyle:

Travel fashion girl pinterest

Or monochromatic, to work it in the boardroom:

Or monochromatic, to work it in the boardroom:


Top heavy wardrobe 10 piece INTOTO

Or bottom-heavy:

Bottom, heavy 10 piece wardrobe INTOTO

But ultimately pretty-chic:

Chic 10 piece wardrobe INTOTO

So what’s your 10-piece capsule wardrobe like? Pick it out, click a picture, and share it.

Tag us and hashtag #myINTOTOcapsule. And you could win a pair of essential shoes to go with the wardrobe!

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