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We all love a hot cup of tea. And with the weather being as gorgeously chilly as it is, tea can be your best friend and accomplice.

Depending on the kind of tea you consume, you can reap the benefit of having a hot steamy beverage to battle the cold, and more!


Here’s how different teas can affect your body:

  1. Green tea

Speeds up metabolism! When combined with exercise, green tea can help speed up your metabolism and maintain a healthy weight.

  1. Chamomile tea

Fights that insomnia! The soothing properties of chamomile can help you nod off straight to sleep. Getting out of on a rainy day is tough as it is. So let’s at least get our R ‘n’ R.

  1. Licorice tea

Beat those sniffles! Having a hot cup of licorice teas can help soothe that sore throat and relieve that head cold.

  1. Ginger tea

Let’s settle this, stomach! Feeling gassy or nauseated? Brew a pot of ginger tea, and literally feel those knots in your tummy melt away.

  1. Peppermint tea

Stop feeling bloated! Peppermint tea alleviates bloating and flatulence, and leaves you feeling fresh and wonderful. A real pick-me-up, this one!memecentre

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