chelsea boots

Basics save us from fashion faux pas many a time. Which is why it’s always advisable to keep a pair of the season’s basics with you be it during travelling or even in your daily wardrobe.

The Chelsea boots are the most versatile and a must-have style in your winter wardrobe. If you are yet to own a pair, it’s probably because you are unsure of how to style them. Read more and you’ll find out just how effortlessly stylish they are.

  • A no-fuss everyday look

chelsea intoto boots, black boots chelsea intoto boots, black boots

Heading to college, running your usual errands or have a movie outing with your squad? Add a touch of class to your everyday style with a pair of reliable boots. Add in a matching watch or a colourful jacket to your look for an extra urbane vibe.

  • A serial tourist outfit

black intoto chelsea boots  black intoto chelsea boots

Need a comfortable pair of heels to explore a new town without adding on to your luggage? Basic ankle boots are your answer. Go from a flight journey to a day of sightseeing to enjoying the nightlife of a new city with a pair of comfy yet elegant boots.

  • A groovy evening look

intoto black chelsea boots intoto black chelsea boots

Have a clubbing night with your boy squad? These boots give your evening look a sporty yet chic vibe. You can pair them with almost any dress and still have heads turning your way as you go club hopping effortlessly. Complete the look with a pint of beer or cider and you’ve got yourself a guaranteed fun time.

  • A stress-less first date look

intoto black chelsea boots intoto black chelsea boots

Want to make a good impression on a first date? Keep your fashion and sultry element on point without the stress of looking clumsy with a pair of sleek boots. You can pair them with a dress, a playsuit, a jumpsuit or even a pair of jeans.

Ladies, we suggest you always keep a pair of these sleek and sexy boots with you and walk out with effortless style on any occasion.


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