NH10 fashion review

Director – Navdeep Singh

Cast – Anushka Sharma, Neil Bhoopalam

Costume Designer/Stylist – Eka Lakhani

The promotional song ‘Chil gaye naina…’ set the tone for this gritty movie. The song has Anushka Sharma in rock grunge wear, with faux leather pants, studded bra straps, ring-filled fingers, and loose hair.

The look was an indication of Anushka Sharma’s character – a slick city girl thrown into a nightmarish series of events. In the film, she reveals personality aspects that perhaps even she didn’t know existed. It’s the way we often surprise ourselves.

At the film’s start, we see Anushka’s character Meera going to a posh party with her husband Arjun (Neil Bhoopalam). This look gives away a lot about the character.

She is dressed in basic colours— a black jacket that, when taken off, reveals a classy white blouse. Not many young girls would wear just black and white to a party. That shows Meera is sober and grown-up beyond her years. That is also reflected in her hair and accessories. A pulled up chignon is very classy and grown-up, as is her choice of wearing large gold studs, instead of something more fun. Her necklace is chunky (two rounds of thick gold chains) yet aesthetic.

When we see her at work, she is dressed in trousers and a well-fitting shirt with a neat pony, keeping the hair away from her face. That she means business is reflected in her choice of classy and understated work wear, and also in the way she admonishes an older male colleague jealous of her success.

When her husband convinces her to take a weekend vacation, she is dressed in the outfit that appears onscreen for the maximum time. Her hair is open (“letting her hair down”), and she’s wearing skinny (yet comfortable) jeans, a black-and-white striped tee, a yellow jacket and super-comfy sneakers. Considering that she goes through hellish situations and fights them alone, the yellow jacket seems an obvious reference to Uma Thurman’s bright yellow warrior costume in Kill Bill. If that is what costume designer Eka Lakhani (she has also styled for Gulaab Gang) was aiming for, it hits home!

Other than these basic looks, we see Meera in photographs or flashbacks. At all times, the understated, elegant feel is present. One of the more interesting looks that appears for just a few seconds is Meera dressed in a cream kurta, with small traditional earrings and a red bindi. She looks like a just-married Delhi girl, again displaying an unmissable fashion sense that does not scream for attention.

As Meera’s husband, Arjun is styled as an upscale professional who is always well-groomed. At the party scene, we see him wearing a grey jacket over a plain black shirt. While driving to the vacation getaway, we see him in jeans, an interesting T-shirt, and a jacket. Notably, he wears his very expensive, branded watch even on vacation and while travelling into the North hinterlands.

Our bad guys who belong to the rural hinterland, are uncouth and brash. But interestingly, even they are spiffily dressed, with some of them sporting branded T-shirts. Indeed, the privileged small-town characters seem as enamoured by brands as their city counterparts. It also shows how these characters have evolved outwardly, but inside, their mentality and thinking still remains outdated!

-Sonia Chopra

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