Like every year, the spring bloom has graced all our favourite fashion brands.

With so many new collections available, one could easily miss out on some great trends or the coolest ways to style them.

We hope you’ve not exhausted your budgets yet because we’ve listed a few of the best ways of including 2018’s trends in your wardrobes.


Fringe – Look edgier

TLL, label life, intoto, finge, earrings

A rather tricky trend, the fringe can cause a great deal of inconvenience. A guaranteed stress-free way to make it a part of your outfit is by using fringed accessories.


Pastels – Color yourself calm

f21 dress, intoto blog

This trend definitely complements both spring and summer seasons with it’s easy going and relaxed vibe. We think it’s best to keep your outfit minimal to give pastels their due importance.


Florals- The oh so pretty factor

intoto floral, Velvet Embroidered Heeled Sandals

Floral prints can be overwhelming at times. An easy way to avoid this is by picking a light print or opting for floral shoes


Chambray – For denim fans

denim dress, spring, blog

This trend is like a saviour for those who find it hard to keep away from denim this time for the year. Chambray keeps your body comfortable and works best for a rugged ghetto look.


Chequered for an extra edge

urban suburban, Blush playsuit with black velvet belt                      chequered, checks, chekered, jumsuit

The chequered pattern can be used to make accessories, apparel, and shoes. We think the best way to match the serious vibe of the trend is by pairing it with the playful vibe of jumpsuits.


So go ahead, get creative and look stunning with these spring summer runway trends!

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