Stockings for the Winters

With the winters upon us, it’s easy to huddle up in layers and jeans every day, but there’s absolutely no need to give up on skirts or dresses just because it’s cold.

The solution: thick, opaque pantyhose. They help keep your legs warm and to top that, who can resist the look of a lovely long stocking-ed leg?

The only issue though, is that stockings are a pain to maintain without getting any runs, and once they have even a single run, they’re ruined.

But they’d look so great with those pumps and that black skirt!

Well here’s what you do then. Turns out there’s a little trick to making a pair of pantyhose more durable. And that’s by FREEZING them!

Try it!

The next time you buy a pair, wet them through completely in a bucket, and throw them into a plastic bag and into the freezer. Let it freeze overnight, and in the morning, pull them out. Let them thaw, and dry completely.

This will make your pantyhose a lot more durable and a lot less susceptible to runs, as it strengthens the fibre in the fabric. And you just need to do it the first time!

So this winter, don’t let your legs freeze. Freeze that pantyhose, and rock that short dress.

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