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There’s something just so unassumingly cool about camouflage, specifically, the military style. It’s rugged yet chic, and old-school yet modern, all at the same time. We love it because channelling the military style is a very interesting way to look understated, yet bold and strong.

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There are several little tips, tricks and ways to own the style and rock the look – from slipping on a pair of combat boots to getting hold of badges and insignia to add to your outfit, to simply adding a pair of aviators. But while these certainly help take it from cool to oh-so-chic, this month, we wanted to take you through the basics, on how to create the military chic look, so you can push the boundaries and go where few style soldiers has gone before.

  1. Go Green

Green Skirt Military Green Skirt Military Green Skirt Military

Even a chiffon skirt in a military green can be used to work a tough yet feminine look that could give Destiny’s Child a run for their money. Pair it with an understated black top and pumps, and details like a gold chain strap on your bag or a gold plate belt, and you’ll look like someone who cannot be messed with (especially in the style department). And if you can get a skirt with a bit more military detail (think pockets and/or buttons), pair it with a crisp white shirt to play up the “uniform” aspect of the look.

  1. Slip into the Shirt

Green Shirt Military Green Shirt Military Green Shirt Military

A cool khakhi shirt can be paired with jeans and thrown over a tee (or even a dress) for a laid-back look; it can even tucked into a pencil skirt (you know, for the woman who’s a WARRIOR in the boardroom). Either way, a military chic shirt is pretty much a must-have, a wardrobe staple, right after your crisp white shirt. And you could get extra points for it if you can get a badge or some insignia embroidered on it.

  1. Throw on the Jacket

Green Jacket Military Green Jacket Military Green Jacket Military

A trench coat in a military green can be your go-to wardrobe essential this season, helping lend itself to several outfits (as long as they’re slick and non-fuss). To really push the envelope, look out for details in embroidery and buttons that’ll really help bring the look alive. With coats you can even try to go all out, going for old-fashioned cuts like tail coats, etc., that can look incredibly chic and unique.

  1. Pick up the Bag

Military Bag Military Bag Military Bag

You can’t be out on the field without your gear! If you already have an item of clothing in your look that leans towards military chic, add a bag in a typical camo print to further enhance the military style. You can add the aviators and the badges to do this, but nothing really screams military like camouflage, and a bag is a subtle (and non-tacky) way of working in the camo. In fact you could even make it look military chic with monochrome, if you’ve got just that little bit of camo in it.

  1. Jump into the Jumpsuit

 Green Jumpsuit Military Green Jumpsuit Military Green Jumpsuit Military

Jumpsuits can be many things: comfortable, edgy, feminine and fun. But rocking a military style jumpsuit like a boss makes for a bold and interesting silhouette and statement. Pair them with combat boots to go all out, or with a pair of nude pumps for a night out, or black/brown pumps for work.

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