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Sneakers are forever in fashion. But let’s face it, we associate sneakers with looks we describe as grungy, out of the bed, and effortless (not the good kind). Sneakers for some reason are never associated with chic, suave and put together and we at INTOTO have taken it upon ourselves to change that! We have created a sort of inspiration board to show you all the ways you can style sneakers be it for a meeting (oh you heard us right!), for a date night or a casual weekend! Let’s get started!

  1. Formal Swag

Wear your sneakers with a blazer, formal pants and a light t-shirt inside to create a perfectly smart look for meetings.

FORMALS with sneakers INTOTO

  1. Date Night

Why should date night call for uncomfortable heels? Pair your sneakers with a slitted maxi dress. Show him your dressy side and your sporty side.

Date night INTOTO sneakers

  1. Weekend Getaway

Weekends are for soaking a bit in the sun. And what better way to do that than to be dressed in a pair of rompers or a playsuit with some sneakers? This ensures you stay comfortable but look chic all the time.

Weekend getaway in sneakers INTOTO

So how are you gonna up your sneaker game today?


Pro-tip: The trick to totally rocking a pair of sneakers is in the ankle. Always choose outfits that show your ankle off to nail the sneaker look!

Featured images via songofstyle, JustDesign, GlamRadar

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