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If you have curly hair or are even trying to maintain a perm, you would have learned the following lessons:

  1. Don’t bother brushing it.
  2. Comb only when it has conditioner in it.
  3. Just let it air-dry.
  4. Product can be your best friend.

If you follow the above rules, congratulations! You’ve mastered learning to love your hair, learning to let it be, and learning to live with people’s comments on how they “wish they had your hair”, when you’d grown up wishing for theirs.

End rant.

But let’s face it, curly hair definitely is the more fun looking option. Like one of our straight-haired friends once said, “You don’t have to do much, and it still looks stylish”. So hurrah!

But here’s a new technique to helping you work those curly locks.


Let’s start by adding a 5th rule to curly-hair care:

  1. NEVER use a terry cloth towel on your hair.

Really, it only just frizzes it up more, as it sucks out the moisture from your hair – moisture that every curly strand of hair, desperately needs!

So what is flopping? It’s a way to dry your hair with a full sleeve cotton tee, by wrapping it around your hair. (You know it’s a legit hack, when it doesn’t involve buying an extra primping product!)

To plop, follow the following steps:

  1. Run your product through your freshly washed hair while it’s still wet.
  2. PLOP the hair onto a t-shirt, so it can all get gathered into the fabric.
  3. Bring the base of the t-shirt around the nape of the neck, and bunch up your hair in it a neat turban of sorts, tied-together with the sleeves of the tee.
  4. Wait for about 15 minutes.
  5. Remove the t-shirt from around your head.
  6. Let it air-dry and VOILA!

This simple little drying technique can do so much for the way your curls plump up after it’s dry. And you don’t ever need to get a blow-out!

Guess maintaining curly hair, really is simple after all! J

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