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The monsoons are without a doubt the most romantic time of the year. There’s the gorgeous pitter

patter of the raindrops. Puddles of water to daintily jump across. Rained in evenings to spend

canoodling with the boo.

And yet, every time we step out we’re instantly transformed into hobos – compromising form for the

sake of function.

And yes, we get it – as romantic as it is, the monsoon is also an icky time.

But there are three simple things we can do to amp up that swagger. Instantly.

1. Go top warm.


Sure it’s colder than usual. But you can still wear that short skirt or short shorts. The chest is the

weakest part of your body. So pair those shorts with warm knits

2. Really, hear us out.

Really, hear us out._MONSOON FASHION

It’s all about keeping the sensitive parts of your body warm – like your ears. So pull out those

beanies. Nothing brings you bad-ass swagger (and comfort) like a beanie.

3. Boring-proof the rain-proof.

Boring-proof the rain-proof.

Invest in a rain-jacket that looks bright and looks great. You’re going to be wearing it every day.

So be the sunshine on a cloudy day. :)

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