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This spring/summer, if you can’t head to the beach, be the beach.

Sure summer’s a good time to bring out the bikinis and bum shorts, and play up your naughty Daisy Duke angle.

But you can also go nautical with your style.

So summon the sea, this summer. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go Navy

Nothing represents nautical better than navy blue. And it’s a great neutral colour to mix and match your clothes with.

Navy Sailor Look with INTOTOs

  1. Add a little Stripe

Add a touch of fun nautical stripes, in a belt, scarf or accessory. Who waits for sailors to come by anymore? You can always just be one.

Navy Sailor look belt

  1. Add a lot of Stripe

Invest in  a striped tee and you’re ready for the beach, an evening in the park, a day at the mall, even work. Mix it up with shorts or a formal skit and stay casual-chic for the summer.

Stripes Navy Blue Sailor

  1. Add some Sunshine

A day out at sea can be stormy grey or warm and sunshiny. Think warm and sunshiny with a splash of yellow or orange in your outfit.

Nautical Look

  1. Stripe-on-Stripe

This is a look that requires some care. Mix wide stripes with thin stripes, to add some texture and nautical swag to the look.

Stripe on stripe

  1. Stripe Tease

Pick up a pair of sailor-girl espadrilles from!

Stripe Tease INTOTOs Navy


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