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Once upon a time…

…As I was sitting on the laptop, writing yet another film review, the call came. No, it wasn’t from a handsome prince, but it did make my heart beat. ‘Would I be interested in writing for a women-centric blog about fashion and lifestyle?’ the inquiring voice at the other end wanted to know.

Coming from a film writing background,writing for a property about fashion and shoes both unnerved and excited me. “Let’s meet,” was the mutual conclusion at the end of the phone call.

I still remember the day the INTOTO team came to meet me. I was in my cozy, little office in regular work gear with my “office sandals” (read neutral coloured, comfy shoes that you can wear with EVERYTHING).

As the meeting progressed, I began getting more and more self-conscious of my shoes. The team had serious knowledge on footwear, and proceeded to fill me in about the process of making their entrepreneurial dream come true. Their obvious passion for shoes was exciting, but it was also making me a tad embarrassed.

As I looked down at my feet, my trusty work sandals suddenly began to look dowdy, and I found it difficult to tear my attention from my chipped toe nail-paint.

But this story has a happy ending! I am thrilled to report that their infectious energy and love for footwear has since rubbed off on me.

From having one shoe for every occasion (work shoe, yoga shoe, meeting shoe, party shoe, movie shoe, home shoe), I now have what they call a “shoe wardrobe”. I am no Carrie Bradshaw and I always found this character’s love for shoes more worrisome than admirable, but it’s fun opening up to this unexplored side of me.

Of course thinking shoes 24*7, being surrounded by them, writing about them, and formulating the INTOTO blog from scratch, had loads to do with it! It’s a writer’s version of having a Cinderella makeover, and Team INTOTO has unknowingly played the fairy godmother!

- Sonia Chopra

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