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The internet is full of fashion-hacks, tips and tricks. But we CANNOT get over how simple yet brilliant these three hacks are. Now you know what you’re OOTDs are going to look like tomorrow, the day after, and the day after that. FOREVER.

You’re welcome! ;)

  1. The wrap and tuck.


The next time you wear your favourite button down, try something new. Don’t button it up at all! Wear it with a high-waisted pant or skirt, wrap it around you and tuck it in.

It takes your shirt from casual or formal to down-right sexy, while keeping the look chic yet modest.

  1. The collar on collar.


Layering doesn’t have to just be with a jacket or coat. It can be with two shirts as well. Specifically, two collared shorts. Layer your collared shirts and cuff them up at the sleeves to show more of the shirt that’s peeking by your collar.

  1. The sweater and sundress.

sweater and sundress fashion

Rock that sundress even in the fall and winter. Wear it over a sweater to take it from beach to street, even on a chilly day. This look shows that you’re playful enough to not take the cold too seriously, while keeping you warm.

Featured images via Popsugar and Thefashionstop

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