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Full disclosure: the author of this article is currently wearing a bra that she’s owned since she was 16.

She is now 26.


Does the bra look great or feel great? Nope. The author is well aware that it fits neither criterion.

But she’d rather deal with the discomfort of underwear she’s already invested in, and that has actually been loyal to her bosoms for a large part of its (and well, the author’s) life.

It’s not like she doesn’t understand the value of a great pair of underwear though. She’s perfectly happy with her choice of seamless Victoria’s Secret cotton panties, for example. The ones she’s wearing as she types.

But she’s tired. Tired of walking into stores to have uncomfortable looking laces shoved at her, in sizes and cuts that the saleswomen claim will get comfortable “with time”.


She’s also tired of the fact that when she decided to fix her underwear situation and did a bit of research most of the pieces that cluttered the internet were along the lines of “Show him what you got! *wink wink*” and “Make him moan with the right lingerie”.

Well the last we checked, making him moan did not comprise a full working day!

But the underwear we wear? They literally stick to our skin 24/7.


Clearly we should relook our crititeria for underwear shopping. Here’s a few we found, that made perfect sense.

  1. Don’t commit so easily.

    Just like with relationships, you can’t commit to buying a bra expecting that “things will work out”. DO NOT SETTLE. While it may look great in terms of colour and packaging, never forget that it’s going to be against your skin, day in and day out. Look for clear benefits in terms of material and design. Shop for you. And ask him to deal with it.
  2. If the funderwear fits…only then should you buy it.
    Forget what the world says. Never buy a bra without trying it out. And loving the way it feels. Check for over-spillage, and hook straps that ride up. Jump about to make sure everything’s still where you want it.

    And with panties, since you can’t try them out, study the measurement chart and buy ONE pair (ignore the buy 2 get 3 offer!). Test it out at home and only then come back for more.

  3. It ain’t gonna work if it doesn’t feel right.
    Look for soft, comfy, breathable fabrics like cottons, and maybe blends like Lycra, Microfiber, bamboo, cashmere, silk-feel nylons and high quality polyesters (look for cotton crotches in panties). They’re going to be against your skin all day long! And if you’re going for something lacy, make sure the lace doesn’t make you itch.
  4. Elastic shouldn’t feel like plastic.
    If your undergarments are digging into your skin and leaving the wrong kinda impressions, stop using them. Elastic bands that are too tight can constrict your blood flow or cause skin irritation. In fact, buying good comfortable underwear is just healthy.
  5. Go organic.
    Yes, we do mean going bra-less and commando!

    Or if that really isn’t your game, opt for underwear that’s made with organic material and dye. They’re kinder on your skin and on nature.


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