It’s not just for the lips


They sit on the side of the billing counter unassumingly and daintily. They sit there in shades of pink, orange, red and purple with the properties, fragrance and taste of yummy strawberry, tangy orange, delicious cherry and luscious blueberry.

Even the aloe one in green looks good! And so the lip balm is billed, pocketed and worn.

But only until another pretty tub or stick lures us away.

We all have a fairly sizeable collection of lip balms – inversely proportional to our actual need of lip balm, unfortunately. But there is a way to put these little impulse buys, gifts and party favours to some use.

And that’s by finding other uses for them and not just using it on our lips.

Here are our favourite one.

  1. Moisturize

Use it on elbows, knuckles and heels to lock-in moisture. Massaging them into your cuticles before bed can also help make your nails softer, less brittle.

  1. Protect

Apply under your toes, balls of your feet and heels before slipping into heels to prevent friction and avoid blisters.

  1. Buff

Lip balm can also act as a leathe polish. Use it smooth out minor scuffs on your shoes and bags immediately.

  1. Gel

Use it as a wax (sparingly) to keep your eyebrow hairs in place. Use it instead of water to tame those fly-aways and keep your hairdo in place.

  1. Grease

Use them to lubricate stuck zippers, persistent finger-rings. You can even apply it on dry skin around your nose, if you’ve had a cold.

  1. Colour-proof

Apply it near your hairline before doing a home-hair-colour job. This’ll keep the colour off the skin and on your hair.

  1. Texturize

Mix it up with your eyeshadow to create a creamy texture. You can also use it on q-tip to remove eye-make-up. (Just avoid the minty kind).

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