A pair of running shoes usually lasts through about 800 kilometres of running. Serious runners accomplish this goal within 3-4 months after which it’s usually time to buy a new pair of shoes, depending on how your shoes have withstood the damage. Take a look at the midsoles and outsoles of your current running shoes and see if they’re flattened out or worn out. If they are, it’s time to buy a new pair of shoes.

When buying a new pair of running shoes, always consider the following:

  1. Buy your shoes at the end of the day when your feet are swollen. This will ensure that your shoes don’t feel tight once you’ve started running.
  2. The “thumbrule” for fit. Check that there’s a thumb’s gap (around half an inch or a third of an inch) between your toes and the front of your shoes. Then check that the shoes fit snugly around the ankle and do not slip off when you run.
  3. They need to be comfortable from the word go.

Check for comfort at the store itself, run about before you buy them. You don’t want to start running in uncomfortable shoes, with the hope that you will break into them.

  1. Outline your purpose. Shoes meant for off-road trails have enhanced soles for traction and protection. Shoes meant for road running need to be light and flexible.
  2. Understand the pronation of your feet. This one requires a bit of research. All of our feet are arched differently and we apply pressure on different parts of our feet accordingly. If you “over-pronate” you may need motion stability shoes and if you “under-pronate” you may need extra cushioning and flexibility. Learn more about the pronation of your feet

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