monsoon foot care

The monsoon season brings loads of fun and joy, but the humidity and water can sometimes cause serious problems.  Smelly feet and fungal infections are precisely what nightmares are made of, especially when it’s an important day. Fortunately, one can avoid these monsoon problems with simple changes in their routine.
Read more to find out simple tips that can help you maintain feet hygiene during this season.

Maintain cleanliness

– Wash footwear after reaching home daily, especially when it’s been raining. Always try to keep them in a dry area after the wash.

– Once a week, soak your feet in hot water with salt or lemon juice for 15 minutes. This helps in killing bacteria and also softens the skin. The lemon juice helps with smelly feet problems.

– Keep your nails short during this season to prevent dust and dirt from getting collected under your nails.

Pamper your feet a little more than usual

– Exfoliate your feet once a week by soaking them in plain or lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes. Use a pumice stone to scrub the sole, followed by a mild foot cream.

– Ensure you keep your skin hydrated by using a moisturiser twice a day (make sure you apply the cream on clean feet) as contrary to popular belief, monsoon can leave your skin dehydrated.

– If you’re wearing socks underneath your shoes, apply talcum powder on your feet, sit in an airy place for a few minutes and then put on the socks. This will help with smelly feet as well as counter sweat during the day.

Opt for the right type of footwear

– Avoid walking bare-feet during the rains as wet floors have a tendency to bear infectious bacteria and can cause allergic reactions on the skin.

– Wherever possible ditch covered footwear and opt for flip flops, slip-on shoes or open toe sandals instead.

– Always ensure that your footwear has an effective anti-slip base.


This monsoon, we hope you make the most of the splendid outdoors with happy feet!

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