The shoe care guide

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We all love our shoes. But it’s time we showed them we care.

  1. Sneaker Care

Keep your sneakers white and looking new by cleaning them regularly with naipolish remover. To remove tougher stains and smells, coat it with a paste of vinegar, pour a bit of distilled vinegar and wash off.

  1. Keep it in Shape

Maintain the shape of your boots, by using old wine bottles to stuff the calf area of the shoes. For flats, stuff the toes with a wad of crumpled paper (this also helps absorb moisture).

  1. Patent Leather Maintenance

Remove light scratches and colour transfers on patent leather shoes, by dabbing an ear bud with non-acetone nail polish remover, and gently going over the scratch or colour. Follow up with a dab of Vaseline or shoe polish (in the colour of the shoes of course).

  1. Stench Stopper

Remove the stench from smelly gym shoes, or shoes that have had a bad day in the rain, by filling them up with dried tea bags to absorb the odour.

  1. Rubber and Suede

Use an eraser to clean rubber shoes. You can also use an eraser to clean dirt off suede shoes, and make sure the texture stays by rubbing it with a toothbrush or some terrycloth after.

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