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Been toying with chopping off your locks, and not sure if you should take the plunge?

Here are 5 reasons why you should:

1. It’s liberating

Short Hair INTOTO

As cliché as it sounds, going short frees you from several shackles. The shackle of holding

your hair down whilst in an auto ride as it attempts to go all Medusa on you. The shackle of

trying to figure out what to do with your hair every morning. The shackle of having to take

time out just to maintain it.

2. 12 times more stylish

Short Hair INTOTO

Shedding off the locks of that mane, instantly adds a ton of style, making any look seem

incredibly chic, effortlessly. And it really does feel like almost zero effort, now that you have

less hair to care for.

3. Show off that face

Short Hair INTOTO

Draw attention to your facial features, that jawline and that collarbone. You’ll feel slick and

bad-ass like Trinity from the Matrix, ready to take on anyone. Ready to take on the world.

4. Feel the air on your neck

Short Hair INTOTO

Rejoice in that feeling of having a cool blast of air soothe your warm neck on a hot day. Feel

the water trickle down your neck and spine in the shower. This will be the moment you

decide that going short is THE way to go.

5. Go girly chic

Short Hair INTOTO

Take a simple dress, a skirt, any girl-next-door look you’ve been wearing all these days,

throw on a scarf, a pair of sunglasses and discover your inner movie star/celebrity

stylist/fashion icon.

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