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Ever wish you had legs that could go on for days, or if you were just a little bit taller? Well just remember that you’re perfect just the way you are, but that you can get said long legs and/or extra inches whenever you feel like!

Here are a few tips and tricks to style up your clothes and look a little extra leggy!

  1. High Waist

If you have a smaller flame, rock a pair of high waist pants or shorts with heels or even flats. If you’re on the curvier side, pair the high waist with high heels and work those legs that have just gotten a few extra inches longer!

High Waist

  1. Nude Shoes

If you’re wearing a skirt or a pair of shorts, anything that shows a bit of leg, pair it with a pair of nude heels to create the illusion of longer legs.

Nude Shoes

  1. Matchy Shoes

Match your pants or that long skirt with heels of the same colour so your attire can blend in with your footwear into one seamlessly long line.

Matchy Shoes

  1. Knee Length

If it’s not above the knee, keep it at the knee. Short skirts definitely help make you look leggier. That’s a given! But if you’re going for something more modest, let it end at the knee instead of cutting your calves. Extra points if you add a high waist and/or a pair of high heels!

Knee Length

  1. Heel Length

If you’re going for a full length skirt look, let it go all the way to the heel, without compromise. Let it accentuate the entire length of your legs. Vertical Stripes

Pin stripes or vertical stripes help create the illusion of a longer leg. Wear thinner stripes if your legs are narrow. And slightly wider stripes, if they’re a little wider.

Heel Length


  1. Less Fuss

Pair those black pants with a black top tucked in, instead of contrasting it with colour or print, to create a long line. Or make sure those pants are uniformly washed without too much detailing for a leaner, longer look.

Less Fuss 7. FlyFreshForever

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