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It’s ironic with the number of options available today, finding a pair of shoes that are comfortable, trendy and tasteful is still a major time-consuming task. Which is why when we finally find these shoe bffs, we wear them almost all the time. Sometimes we end up using them even if they’re worn out. In today’s world, with the constant judgement around us, a small stain on our outfit could downgrade our image in the minds of others.

Which is why we’ve compiled some quick and easy solutions that are sure to restore the charm and comfort of your shoe bffs so that you look presentable every time you step out!

  1. Slippery soles no more

Shoes often lose their grip due to frequent use in monsoons or sometimes even due to daily use.

A quick rub on a cheese grater will restore the grip at the base and save you from an embarrassing fall.



  1. A nifty fix for lost charm

Be it pumps, ballerinas or loafers, long-term use often results in the shoes losing their shine or in worst case scenarios, their outer coating. A great way of countering this shoe destruction is by covering up the damaged part with glitter, stickers, coloured tape or funky magazine pages.


  1. Keep your whites white

Scrub the stains of your white shoes with regular toothpaste. Give it a final wipe with a piece of tissue paper and your shoes will look as good as new.


  1. Say goodbye to tight footwear

All you need is hairdryer and a pair of socks to fix your tight footwear. Put on multiple layers of socks, slip into the footwear and direct the dryer toward the tight part of shoe. Do this multiple times in 20-second breaks and your footwear will loosen up in perfect proportion to your feet.



  1. Waterproof in seconds

This hack is for the sporty girls who can’t do without their converse shoes. Rub some leftover candle wax around the outer layer of the shoes. Dry the coating using a hair dryer and your waterproof shoes are ready to use.



  1. Recycle to get rid of the smell

Get rid of the discomfort caused by stinking shoes by placing an orange peel, baking soda or used tea bag inside the shoes overnight.


Do let us know if there are any other simple hacks we’ve missed out on in the comments..

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