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Heels are meant to make you feel confident and comfortable in your skin. Never the opposite. But how do you achieve this level of effortlessness when you’re almost standing on the tips of your toes?

Heels can give you excellent posture, as they force you straighten up in order to maintain balance. But they also sometimes force you to compensate by making you slouch, and grip your thighs – the opposite of good posture.

Here’s how you get it right:


  • If the shoe fits, buy it. If it doesn’t, let it go.


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An uncomfortable shoe that’s too tight or too loose, is already setting you up for an awkward time wearing them. Tight shoes hurt, and change the way you walk, making you step around gingerly to avoid the pain. And loose shoes are a twisted ankle waiting to happen.


  • You have to work it to earn it.


gradual increase of heels INTOTOs

Dreaming about that 6-inch pair of heels? By all means, do. But if you haven’t been on anything higher than a 3-incher, you might want to build up to it gradually, or get a LOT of practice in once you get them. Start small and stable, then work your way up.


  • Don’t take the name too literally.



While walking, go from heel to toe, like you normally would, but shift to the toes as quick as you can, because you can never balance on the heel of a heeled shoe. Sure they’re called heels, but you’d be better off not distributing too much weight onto your heels, unless you’re standing still.


  • Posture. Posture. Posture.


Tighten your core, roll your shoulders to the side (not slouched forward like a model or back like a wannabe Alpha Male). Soften your knees slightly. Sway your hip toward the leg you’re shifting your weight to, so you can glide through your motions. And you’re good to go!

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