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We love following celebrity style and are happy to see who wore what, and where, on the daily rags.

But there are some uniquely fabulous women around us, who are closer than we think.

Here are some (everyday girls and women who are stars in their own right) with unique personal styles and bold personalities.And here’s why we love them. repliki zegarków

{Know a friend who should be on the list? Share a picture, tag us, and hashtag #fabulousINTOTO. We’d be interested in featuring them too!}

  1. Loveina Gwalani


She blogs and Instagrams as @theloveinablog, and we’re in love! Her style is utterly feminine and you can tell she loves to play dress up. We love her bold make-up and especially her bold eyebrow game. They’re thick, luscious, and clearly, she loves them too. orologi replica

  1. Aien Jamir

aien jamir, blogger

@jamiraein is a blogger who never fails to push the boundaries. Her edgy ensembles are unique and remarkably creative. And while she mostly works with monotones in terms of colour, her eye for geometry constantly finds (and shares) stunning outfits and silhouettes. relojes de imitacion

  1. Toshada Uma

toshada blogger

A model, stylist, and blogger, @toshadaa was last seen flaunting a short blonde pixie cut and working the natural lighting to the max! Her style is raw and edgy, and she clearly does not shy away from her crazy ideas. She pairs her grungy outfits with a sweet smile, at once shunning labels and the mundane.

  1. Aisha Ahmed

aisha, actress, aisha ahmed

An actress with her own unique sense of style, @aisharahmed’s taste is eclectic yet elegant. Aside from working some stunning outfits, she also Instagrams the lighter, funner moments in her life. We enjoy following the way her outfits transition from ooh! to woohoo! orologi replica

  1. Radhika Nair

radhika nair, blogger, model

Radhika is a model with a short mop of curly hair and long lean limbs, and she works these features with her everyday style as well. We love the way she opts for boxy minimal outfits that draw your attention to her spectacular face…yes, we’re a little bit in love with her. replica watches

  1. Smita Rajgopal

Smita Rajgopal, creative director, smitten

The Creative Director of international agency, you’ll to scour through her Instagram – @momentairymood to find the fashion shots, between clips of her aerial arts practice. And when you do find her #ootds you’ll see that she has just as much fun playing with her wardrobe as well.

  1. Saba Azad

saba ahmed, vintage, style

The “mink” in Madboy/Mink, @sabasultanaazad’s style is “vintage Hollywood” meets “the rockstar life”. While her statements like the red lip, wing-tip liner, and curly coif, speak of a different era, her energy and personality ground her look firmly in the now.

  1. Shilo Shiv Suleman

Shilo Shiv Suleman, indian

We’re certain she must hear this a lot, but the best way to describe Shilo’s style is “Frida meets Jodha”. This artist’s wild and unabashed energy translates into her outfits in a riot of prints and powerful colours. Pair that with a Jodhpuri nose ring, and you have a look that makes more than just a statement.

  1. Shivanii Shetty

Shivanii Shetty, monochrome, style

Simply put, Shivanii’s mad about monochrome. We love this design student’s dedication to her art. Every outfit is sleek, edgy, yet makes a clear cut statement. There’s always a subtle yet super stylish element of surprise in her sharp minimalist outfits.

  1. Dhwani Kathotia

dhwani Kathotia, my little cupboard, blogger, style

This blogger’s style is typical girl meets the street, and we love her sneaker game in specific! Dhwani’s Instagram – @mylittlecupboard hosts images of the happy blogger out and about in her sneakers and  Sunday best – a reminder that we should all dress up to get down!

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