Herbal Essence Dropper

Essential oils are used in the healing art of Aromatherapy. They not only smell good but they have healing and cleansing properties too. All essential oils cleanse the space or environment of negative and dross energies. They are highly concentrated so we only need to use a few drops and they must be diluted. While you may need to consult a specialist to use them on your face and body, they can be safely burned in diffusers (dilute them with water) and sniffed on handkerchiefs. Soak up this info on essential oils, and make them your new BFF!


lavender oilThe oil extracted from the gorgeous purple shrub is a versatile oil and can be used as it is on bare skin, without dilution. Use a couple of drops as a deodorant, as a mouthwash when mixed with water, to dab on painful acne and zits, and on burns and cuts. Lavender has a wonderful soothing effect and miraculous healing properties. One can put a few drops on a pillow or handkerchief and sniff that in order to sleep well. It can also be burned in a diffuser to create a calm environment, conducive to sleep and relaxation. Lavender also reduces stress. So dab a little on your wrists and keep sniffing it during a particularly stressful day at work. The perfume is subtle and lovely too.


LEMONGRASS OILlemon grass oil

Invigorating and refreshing, burn this oil in a diffuser and your house will smell like a spa! It also keeps mosquitoes at bay and is safe and natural so you want to keep a bottle handy. You can add a few drops in the washing machine load to make your clothes will smell amazing!



This one is great to create a lively atmosphere for a party or get-together. It is cheerful and vibrant. Use it to spice things up in the bedroom as it is connected to the sacral chakra which is the energy centre of oileucalyptus


This oil is very popular and has an aroma that will energize you. This oil is used generously in healing balms like Vicks.If you have a cold, cough, or headache, you can sniff this oil via a handkerchief. It can also be burnt in the night to keep mosquitoes at bay.



It is a great remedy for acidity, headaches, and even hangovers. Put a few drops on a handkerchief and sniff it. Students can sniff it to remain sharp and alert if they have to stay up to study. It also works as an effective remedy for cold and congestion.

peppermint oil


It has a sweet, floral aroma and creates a cheerful yet peaceful atmospherylang ylang oile, making it a good oil to burn during yoga practice or meditation. It promotes joy and harmony and can be used as an aphrodisiac as well!





- Janhvi Patel
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