Dreaming about shoes? INTOTO

Seriously, are you literally having dreams about shoes? Because according to a piece on Dream Moods, there’s more to be said about them, than an ardent passion for the boot or the cleat!

Here’s the gist:

  1. Dreaming about a Shoebox?

This indicates following a new path in life (in new shoes possibly). An empty shoebox however, indicates that you’re feeling uncertain about the direction you want to take.

  1. Dreaming about Shoelaces?

Untied shoelaces indicate that you’re about to undertake something that you’re not ready for (a marathon perhaps?). While dreaming of tying your shoelaces, indicates that you’re ready for the task (a marathon perhaps!)

  1. Dreaming about a Shoemaker?

We’d all love to have a shoemaker in our lives (free samples anyone?) but dreaming about one could indicate that a relationship you thought to be was dormant, might be active again! Either that or it could also mean that you need to learn to reach out to your friends when you need help.

  1. Dreaming about Shoes?

Dreaming about shoes itself could indicate your approach to life. Wearing shoes in your dreams indicate that you’re grounded, while being barefooted could indicate a care-free attitude. Dreaming about old, worn-out shoes could indicate finding success through hard work, and adversely, dreaming about new shoes could indicate overconfidence, or simply finding a new life path.

There’s really a lot you can read into when it comes to your dreams.

So just remember to never forget them . . .


. . . especially if they’re about shoes!


Picture Courtesy: Little Miss Mary and the Big Monster Makeover by Gleb Toropov

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