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Just like every girl ought to own a great pair of blue jeans, blue heels are fast becoming a wardrobe essential as well. Why? Because they’re the perfect pair of shoes to:

  1. Go with the aforementioned jeans, helping elongate the line of that leg.
  2. Transition from day to evening without looking out-of-place in daylight or dull at night.
  3. Add a pop of colour to the simplest look.

Here’s how you doll up that denim.

  1. Go pretty in Plaid

plaid top with blue INTOTOs

Dress up those blue jeans with blue pumps and a soft plaid shirt to channel that Scarlet O’Hara in the city look. It’s a look that’s smart, yet soft, mixing in a cool blue at your feet instead of a staid black.

  1. Clutch on to some Snazz

clutch and necklace with blue INTOTO pumps

Wear your denim with a basic tee and blue pumps to lengthen those lines. Clutch on to a printed clutch and don a beautiful necklace to add some jazz. Get the clean lines while adding a sparkle to your look.

  1. Wear a Pretty Skirt

pretty skirt paired with blue INTOTO pumps

Your denim does not have to be in your jeans! Mix a laidback denim shirt with a printed skirt, and throw on some blue heels to maintain that soft, feminine yet cool look. It’s a way to embrace your feminine side while showing off your casual side.

  1. Mix in some Leather

leather ensemble with blue INTOTO pumps

And if you’re the kinda girl who never liked playing with dolls, think TEXTURE! Mix that denim with leather, and perhaps a touch of knit. (and maybe even a happy ball of fur at the end of a leash!) Throw on your blue pumps to balance the look out.

  1. Throw on some Florals

florals with blue INTOTO pumps

And the simplest way to keep that look feminine and chic? Throw on a flouncy floral blouse over those jeans. And slip into those blue pumps of course! :)

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