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Pretty much every Indian girl has faced this problem – dealing with jeans whose legs are too long for our legs. But don’t be hasty and get them hemmed just yet. Because you can always just cuff them in a few different ways, and ta-da! You have three new pairs of jeans instead of one.

Here are our favourite go-to cuffs.

  1. The under cuff:

cuff jeans

It’s a polished look that helps maintain the solid coloured finish on your uniform-washed jeans. It’s also a cool way to pretend like you live in a world where jeans are tailored exactly to your size. Alteration falteration! Pfft.

  1. The wide cuff:

wide cuff jeans

This fold works great with wide-legged jeans as well as boyfriend jeans. Fold it once by about 2-3 inches and fold it again, for a thick, strong cuff that works with your more boxy pair of jeans.

  1. The skinny cuff:

skinny cuff jeans

This is what you need to do to maintain the integrity of those skinny jeans. Fold it up neatly above your ankle by just about 1 inch. And if doesn’t reach that sweet spot with a single fold, fold it over neatly a couple more times.

  1. The half cuff:

half cuff jeans

It’s bold, care-free and sticks it to the jeans companies: “Hey! We can make your cool jeans look cooler!” Fold up your jeans by 3 inches , scrunch up the bottom and roll down the top by half an inch. Try it on your distressed boyfriend jeans and you’re good to go.

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