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We all love blue, for how frikkin’ cool they look. But here are our most favourite and coolest ways to wear it!

1. Wear it in your hair!

wear blue in your hair

Let some gorgeous deep blue peep through from your luscious dark black locks. Blue in your hair shows your fun and edgy side. And while it’s bolder than the more neutral colours, just a little streak in your hair is NOT going to get you fired. ;)

2. Just don a cool printed scarf.

Blue Printed scarf

It’ll immediately take you from everyday chic to wistful wanderer! For one thing it’ll go with your favourite wardrobe travel staple – your jeans, beautifully. And for another, prints worn in blue look wonderfully eclectic yet urban.

3. Slip into some cool new kicks.

blue sneakers with denim

Blue sneakers go with denim, leather and everything in between. They add a pop of colour while being perfectly compatible with the rest of your outfit. And you can even throw that scarf on! You know, just for kicks. ;)

4. The old school denim jacket.

old school denim jacket

We all own one, even if we rarely wear them. Take the old school look up a notch by embroidering some badges on. It’ll take you back to the good old days of Duran Duran or even That’s So Raven. Because it’s so classic, it’s timeless!

5. On your fingertips.

Blue nail paint

Get some blue nail paint and have some fun with it. Paint your nails all blue for a fun and edgy look, or mix it up with soft florals and nudes. Flaunt some cool at your fingertips.

Featured images via am.newueye, nastygirl,, totalbeauty, whowhatwear

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