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You know who you are, you’re that girl who at any point in the day would prefer being in her pyjamas to well, anything!

To you, living in your pyjamas is an ideal state of being, but society has brain-washed you into forgetting your constant need for comfort.

How do you know if you’re a comfort-holic?

  • Do you own underwear that’s beyond faded, just because it’s attained that perfect level of softness?
  • Do your heels give you a shoe bite every single time, because they just haven’t been worn in yet?
  • Dressing up, often just means well, wearing a dress…

If you are, here are some comfy-cute wardrobe essentials you need to own.

It can be tough adjusting to the pressures of the world as is. And you don’t have to give in, especially with your second skin- your clothes.

  1. Comfy undies

INTOTO comfort clothing
No matter what you wear, if your panties give you wedgies and your bra is too tight or needs constant adjustment…you are not going to be comfortable. Do some serious research on underwear that works for you. (or just don’t wear any!)

  1. Beanies

INTOTO comfort clothingcomfort clothing

Rainy days call for sleeping in that 20 minutes extra, and sacrificing that haircare time. It just does. But how do you let your non-blow-dried hair look acceptable to the world? With a cute and comfy beanie of course!

  1. Pashmina shawls

There’s nothing like an irresistibly soft and light pashmina shawl to keep you cozy during the monsoons (or to cover-up your faded Batman tee underneath). Do a quick triangular drape across chest and ooh-look! You’re comfortable, yet acceptably chic!

  1. Oversized blazers

INTOTO comfort clothing

Sweatshirts are sportspeople’s eternal gift to mankind – warm, cozy and convenient. But you don’t have to  walk about looking like you’ve just worked out (when really you’ve just been indulging in some chocolate). Instead, pick an oversized, comfy yet polished blazer. Outerwear is key to looking chic.

  1. Kicks

INTOTO comfort clothing

If it’s acceptable on the red carpet at the Grammy’s, of course it’s acceptable in daily life! Invest in some comfy plimsol perfection and soft cotton socks. Walk on sunshine, air and comfort, wherever you  go.



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