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Love vacations but hate the travel? Find yourself playing candy crush whenever you take a trip? Candy Crush is an annoying addiction that many of us have and it literally eats away at our time, keeping us away from more constructive activities and bonding with real people. Whether it’s touring on vacation or the long trek to your workplace, we tell you how to ditch the candy crush and do make the travel count for more!


Whether you’re visiting a new place or travelling around your own city, observe the surroundings with new eyes. Watch the city go by from the comfort of your seat. There is a lot of natural beauty such as trees, wildflowers, butterflies, birds, dragonflies to appreciate even on city roads, so look for that. Watch the unique architecture of that particular place and observe the various shops. You can even stare into the sky. Let your mind be blank, let it wander, and see what draws your attention!

Cherry Blossom spotted while driving through the streets of Bandra, Mumbai in India by Radhika Makkar



Stop playing Candy Crush and play ‘Catch-Up’ instead. We all have friends that we haven’t caught up with in a while. Use this time to go through your ‘Contacts’ list and catch up with friends and family. Send a friendly text, or better still, make a phone call!


You can do this digitally or in a notebook. Make a heartfelt list of everything that you are grateful such as a healthy body, a good job, a comfortable and safe house, loving friends, financial security, etc. You can also recollect the good experiences you have had recently. Try to feel as much as gratitude as you can when you write it. Re-read your list to reinforce the feeling.

sophie kinsella booksREAD A BOOK

This sounds obvious, but how often have you complained that you don’t have time to read? A book in the handbag can be a lifesaver during a long journey. You can read an actual book or browse through your Kindle library or e-book PDFs. Try this and you’ll be amazed how easily hooked you get to this habit.



Remember that movie you loved back in college? How about revisiting it after all these years and reliving the memories? Most of us have smart-phones/iPads with large screens and good memory so we can store a movie on the phone, watch it, and delete it after. Likewise, you can watch stored episodes of your favourite television series on your phone as well.

MAKE A WISH-LISTmake a wish list

This is best done at the beginning of the week or at the beginning of the day. Set out intentions or wishes for what you would like to transpire during the week or the day. Feel good about it. Again, do this digitally or in a notebook. At the end of the day or week, you’ll be amazed how effective it is to make a wish-list!



A long travel offers the opportunity to catch up on your precious beauty sleep. It’s an added bonus if you have a sleeping eye mask. Give yourself some shut-eye and you’ll emerge at your destination relaxed, rejuvenated and raring-to-go!

Beauty Sleep

- Janhvi Patel
Featured images via Radhika Makkar, fashion.makeupandbeauty, hdw wallpapers, clinic360

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