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Bright, neon, pastel and multi-colours! We cannot imagine our lives without the beauty and vibrancy of colours; we wouldn’t feel alive without them! Colours don’t just look pretty and attractive, they also impact our psyches, moods, and lives. Our choice of colours reflects our personality. A vivacious person is more likely to wear bright hues than a quiet person. We tell you how you can wear different colours to bring about positive changes in your life.


Red: This is the most attractive colour of all! Wear it when you want to feel powerful, confident, sexy and out-there! Red takes a while getting used to, but if you are shy and want to come out of your shell, then red is your colour. It will also help you attract money and spice things up between the sheets! If you have anger issues, avoid red.


Orange: Fresh and citrusy, orange is the colour of vibrancy! If red is too loud for you, then choose orange as it will help you feel alive, energetic, and happy. If you are feeling stuck and bored, orange will motivate you and attract circumstances that will help you to move forward.


Pink: Pink is the colour of sweetness, love, joy, and affection as it awakens the heart centre. From baby pink to magenta to fuchsia and neon pink, this hue fills you with love for yourself and the world around you. Wear it to attract the love of your life and to fill your existing relationships with more love.


Green: If you have been or are going through a tough time emotionally, health-wise, or financially, green in your shade! Choose from deep to bright green but stay away from the dull hues. Green is also connected to the heart centre and is a healing colour. It will help you connect with Mother Nature.


Yellow: Aah, the colour of sunshine! If you want to be the sunshine girl or sunshine boy, then wear unabashedly bright yellow and spread the cheer around! Yellow is an instant uplift potion!


Indigo Blue: The colour of royalty will help you feel safe, calm, protected, regal, and composed. Wear it when you want to feel important and be taken seriously.


Purple: A majestic and protective colour, wear it when you want to grow spiritually and attract out-of-the-box ideas. Lavender is pastel purple and has a soothing effect, so wear it on days when you feel hyper or stressed.


Black & White: Technically, they are not colours. Black is usually associated with feeling and looking slim and sexy but be warned that black can drain the joy out of you! As an antidote, you can complement black with bright colours. Wear black and grey when you want to be left alone. White is the colour of divinity, so it will help you imbibe the qualities of purity and tranquility.

- Janhvi Patel
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