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Diwali is always a good time to bring on the bling. This festive season, bling on the interesting with some of the most gorgeous and quirky jewellery brands from across the country.

We wanted to share a list of our 10 top favourites and ended up with 16 of them instead (in no particular order).

So go on. Scroll. Trawl. And love.

  1. Matr Boomie


A brand that retails in India and abroad, Matr Boomie aims at empowering women and minorities through artisanal jewellery.

  1. Karleo


Tiaras are passé. But, you can still feel like a princess. Indulge by getting yourself a gorgeous head band from Karleo.

  1. Bangdar Sarali

Bangadar Sarali

It’s not only unique but impossible to replicate. Get some vibrant and regal fused glass jewellery from Bangdar Sarali.

  1. Prerto


From gorgeous earrings, to brooches to hand harnesses, this brand of artisanal jewellery begs to be yours.

  1. Tribe by Amrapali

Tribe by Amrapali

We’ve all fallen in love with Amrapali for its unquestionably gorgeous design sensibility. Tribe by Amrapali brings a contemporary, earthy essence to the brand, to love and behold.

  1. Micare


Pick up Micare’s gorgeous metal and stone jewellery, or itsuber-affordable and uber-chic tasselled jewellery under their Bohemia collection.

  1. Isharya


Gorgeously geometric and worn by everyone from Alia Bhat to Vanessa Hudgens, Isharya’s contemporary jewellery clearly stands the test of time, and region.

  1. Fooljhadi


Wear an auto-rickshaw on your head, play the phool. Jewellery by Fooljhadi is beautiful and irreverent withits overtly feminine and playful designs.

  1. Dvibhumi


Inspired by tradition yet rooted in contemporary design, Dvibhumi’s silver jewellery will help you make that statement you want.

  1. Malleka


Harness your inner goddess with Malleka’s to-die-for harnesses. And pick up a gorgeous earring as well.

  1. Chicory Chai

Chicory Chai

Wear something that’s ethnic, right down to its roots. Your roots. With an unpretentiously stylish Chicory Chai ornament.

  1. Lai


With beautiful hairpins, earrings, nosepins, the works, jewellery by Lai, is contemporary yet inspired by the beauty of our history and culture.

  1. Dhora


Jewellery by Dhora crafts together outlandish elements in a subtle style. We can’t wait to make it ours. Can you?

  1. Rubato

Rubato Timewear

And if you love watches, add to the collection with a regal piece of art and mechanics with Rubato’s timewear.

  1. Pretty Stoned

Pretty Stoned

It’s pretty stoned, pretty trippy. Pretty boho, pretty chic. Jewellery by Pretty Stoned features stones and general prettiness we’ve fallen in love with.

  1. Lune


Pick a necklace by this brand, and wear the moonlight against your skin. Jewellery by Lune is ethereal, light and other-worldly.


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