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Let’s face it, we’re grown up women, getting through the world, and we don’t have time for drama, least of all other people’s.

Buuuut, there’s a teeny part of us that’s a dormant Drama Queen begging to be unleashed upon the world every now and then.

It’s the part of us that mushroomed on exposure to K3G and America’s Next Top Model. It was the part of us that ignored our involuntary urge to roll our eyes when Pooja insisted everyone call her “Poo”, and laughed with the rest of the theatre.

It was the part of us that mentally wrote off the careers of several wannabe models on ANTM as “too catalogue”.

It’s our dramatic side, and she needs to peep out and breathe every now and then.

But how can we get away with it, when we’re supposed to be fully functioning adults?

There are a few chances that will arise in our lives. And here are the ones you can grab!

  1. When you and your girls enter the club.


You can’t get away with it while entering solo, but in a pack, you can get away with anything. So strut that stuff, girls!

  1. When you take centre stage at the sangeet


When all eyes are on you and the jatka-able music is on, honey, this is not reality, so you’ve GOT to play up that drama. WERK!


  1. When the wind just wind stop “messing” with your hair…ugh… *wink* 


“OMG! Must I keep flipping my head (and hair) around this way? Fiiine, if that’s what’ll keep my hair off my lip gloss…” *fumbles to put camera on selfie mode*

  1. When you just can’t stand your boss’s ineptitude.


While grown-ups need to exercise restraint at these points, we must remember to exercise our ocular muscles and go for the eye roll. It’s just therapy!

  1. When you realise your body really is too bootilicious for you, babe!


We can never really rely on anyone else to accept us, till we accept ourselves. So accept, and tell the world that it’s a lot less perfect when it doesn’t accept you too.

  1. When you hear the most unbelievably juicy piece of gossip EVER.


We don’t really condone this one. Because in this day and age, haven’t we heard it all? And don’t people have the right to leading their own lives? But you do have ONE chance to let yourself react to gossip, and that’s when it’s the juiciest gossip EVER. #RIPBrangelina *sigh*

So show us what you’re like at your most dramatic. Share a selfie, video, Boomerang, Dubsmash or Snapchat and #INTOTODramaQueen.

You could just win our pair of swanky Laser Cute shoes! :)

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