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Hi, I work in a pretty high-pressure job in the PR industry and I’m expected to look good at all times since we have meetings with hi-profile clients and we have to show up at events with short notice. I love being well turned-out but I find myself with little time to brood over what to wear in the mornings. Please advise me on what is in trend for 2015 and how I can look my best with little time on hand. Thanks, Sohini (Mumbai).


Hi Sohini, thanks for writing in!

I have noticed many people who are effortlessly fashionable and trendy yet never late. You almost wonder if they have little elves working all night to make them look this good after crazy working hours and late nights. So how do they do it? I’m here to de-code it for you.


Organize. De-clutter. Put everything in neat rows – separate Shirts, Kurtas, Dresses, Bottoms in different rows. Give away stuff that does not fit you anymore. Take another look at your Shoes and Accessories. There. Now you see it like it is.


1. Add a new color.

marsala colour Marsala, a sophisticated deep maroon-brown is 2015’s color of the year. This sexy, seductive shade can be added in bold and subtle ways depending on the day of the week. My suggestion would be to buy a Marsala shade of shoes, lipstick and nail color and work them with your wardrobe for a knock-out look. A knee-length dress in this shade would look just fabulous for the evenings.


2. Get Inspired and be Original.


Spring-Summer 2015’s inspiration is the 70’s era. The free-spirit is lauded in this back-in-fashion era where your quirk gets more attention that the label of bag you carry.

So, think up everything you can remember from ‘That 70’s Show’ – Fringes (in everything from Hairstyle, Bags to Jackets), Bell bottoms in Denim (the latest Kate Moss collection), Gingham print ( for full skirts with crop tops or tea-length dresses and pants), Feminine floral print shirts, Bohemian maxi dresses, Powder-pink pencil skirts with polka-dot shirt. Lots of polka fun. Match it up with nude lips and hair tied in a simple ponytail with a plum color eye pencil or red bold lips and side swept hair.

Go on, experiment and pick your morning outfit saying “so what will I have more fun in today?”

- Monica Chopra
Featured images via thecreativityexchange, thecrispycorner, dailymail

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